A Place to Meet…

No Fuss IT telephone conference rooms are a great way to collaborate and meet with up to 100 customers, employees or friends at any one time.

Conference ‘dial-in’ rooms can be ready to use instantly with minimal setup. Call recordings start when the first person joins the rooms and the completed MP3 is available within 30 minutes after the last person has left the room.

Storage and delivery of recordings via FTP are available if required.

Whether you are into huddle rooms as the ultimate collaboration stations or impressive conference rooms the benefits of conferencing are great. Put simply it allows people to participate in the conversation when they can’t physically make the meeting and saves on travel expenses. Employees who may be scattered throughout the country or world do not have to be in the same geographical place to exchange information or ideas. The savings in travel expenses, such as air transportation or mileage, parking, hotel and meal costs can mount up fast.

Conference calls can be a great asset when decisions need to be made quickly or a matter needs immediate attention. For example, if a salesperson is experiencing a problem with product delivery to one of her clients, she can call the client while also bringing her company’s customer service department on the line to rectify the situation and eliminate potential miscommunication.

Teleconferencing is a very cost-effective tool, it gives the personal touch and increases productivity. Conferencing is a practical alternative to business travel as frequent business travel can be very expensive when considering travel costs for all the employees or business partners who need to participate in a meeting or a seminar.

The farther they travel, the more expensive it is to conduct meetings in person. In comparison, phone conferencing is accessible worldwide and will help in reducing OPex costs..

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