Business Broadband

Next Generation Broadband

The No Fuss IT Broadband network is a custom-built service by our partners designed to meet the data requirements of those customers who utilise our Hosted PBX or SIP Trunking platform.

Our Broadband network interconnects with the largest national networks to provide customers with the greatest possible product availability. The network automatically optimises all of our circuits to prioritise VoIP traffic, thereby maximising call quality and reliability.

While we pride ourselves on the reliability of our Broadband network, unfortunately faults can occur. All broadband products are a provisioned on an up-to service, meaning there are no bandwidth guarantees. Enhanced care gives you faster resolution times but if you require SLAs (service level agreements) and guaranteed bandwidth, please enquire about the No Fuss IT Ethernet services.


Why use No Fuss IT Broadband?

All No Fuss IT Broadband products are automatically optimised to prioritize VoIP Traffic. As our Broadband and Voice Networks are directly connected your voice traffic will automatically take the quickest path to our network, ensuring optimal call quality and the fastest possible fault identification and resolution.

We monitor the uptime of all the business broadband circuits that we manage and if faults do occur or your connection goes down, we know about this before you do through our monitoring dashboard.


What is Open-Play Broadband?

No Fuss IT Open-Play broadband products have been introduced to meet businesses demanding the quickest possible speed with no traffic management or fair usage policies.

On many other broadband networks certain types of traffic are deprioritised or even blocked at peak times. By using No Fuss IT Open-Play products this is no longer the case, use whatever services you like, when you want.


What is LLU Broadband?

LLU stands for ‘local loop unbundling’ put simply, it’s a form of technology that allows multiple providers to use a single telecom network. A ‘local loop’ describes the wires and equipment that connect your home to the local telephone exchange – also known as the ‘last mile’. It’s the actual cable through which you receive your landline and broadband.

No Fuss IT LLU simply uses Non-BT equipment from the exchange to No Fuss IT and can offer savings against BT backed products.

Choose your Broadband Product

  • Analogue Line (needed for new installations)
  • ADSL2
  • ADSL2+
  • FTTC
  • FTTP

Choose your Broadband Add-ons

  • Annex M
  • Enhanced Care
  • Quality of Service Standard / VoIP Only
  • Additional IPV4 Addresses
  • Expedited Installations

Key Benefits

  • Free Migrations to Open-Play (CP to CP)
  • No Traffic Management
  • Fixed IPv4 Addresses
  • IPv6 Compliant
  • Unlimited Usage

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