IT Support for Education

We provide IT support for schools, colleges and universities nationwide.

As an IT support company – we understand just how important it is to have fast and efficient technology that just works. Dealing with slow, unresponsive software not only affects teachers by making their job harder, it also affects students by cutting into valuable learning time.

Here at No Fuss IT we provide top-of-the-line IT support using our support tools to proactively monitor your systems so that we can identify any potential problems and eliminate them before they even begin to affect you.

Thanks to this you can focus on teaching and not on trying to get your computer to work.

Products and services we supply:
• IT Support
• IT Software
• On-site support
• iPads
• Computers
• Projectors
• Office phone installation
• Device security

Where do we provide our products and services?
• Nursery’s
• Primary and secondary schools
• Colleges and universities
• Educational training centres