Protect and manage your mobile devices and application with secure Enterprise Mobility Management

What Is Microsoft Intune And Enterprise Mobility + Security?

In its simplest form, Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Management suite (EMM) that provides mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and PC management capabilities. Intune forms the backbone of Enterprise Mobility + Security, which also features Azure Active Directory and Azure Rights Management Services.

Both help your organisation to manage the mobile devices and apps your employees use when accessing corporate data by protecting the confidential information at all points. Using them will allow you to control the way your employees access and share data, as well as ensuring that the device and apps in use are compliant with any company security requirements in effect.

Stay Secure When Working Mobile

In a modern world, organisations need the freedom to move and be productive almost anywhere. With Microsoft Intune, your company has the ability to keep corporate data secure when employees
 are travelling across country to a meeting, are taking a  business trip, or are simply working from home.

If a device doesn’t have the authority to access corporate data, Intune will block the
device in order to protect your data with its Conditional Access feature. Your usage of Intune will depend on what business issue you want to solve. For example, Mobile Device Management will be needed to create a single-use device to be shared by employees in a retail store, while Mobile Application Management is needed to allow personal devices access to corporate data through BYOD.

Mobile Device Management

By using MDM, your organisation can enrol devices into management so you’ll always have to hand an inventory of devices that has access to corporate services. Plus, you’ll be able to configure each device to ensure they meet all company security and health standards.

MDM also enables you to:
• Provide certificates and Wi-Fi/VPN profiles to access corporate services
• Discover improved call quality
• Use landline, VoIP and mobile
• Perfect for remote workers

Mobile Application Management

Organisations can lean on their dedicated IT support channel for help with MAM, including the configuration of apps, the publishing of mobile apps to employees, and for overall monitoring of how corporate data is used and shared within the mobile apps.

MAM also enables you to:
• Remove corporate data from mobile apps
• Update mobile apps
• Report on mobile app inventory
• Track mobile app usage


Microsoft Intune
System Center Configuration Manager
Conditional Access
Azure Active Directory Premium P1
Azure Active Directory Premium P2
Azure Information Protection P2
Advanced Threat Analytics
Microsoft Cloud App Security
Support for iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Mobile, and Mac OS X

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