The Simple Solution for Managing Email Signatures and Target Marketing Banners Within Your Business

Whether it’s Office 365, Outlook, G Suite or Gmail, there is a solution for all.

Reasons To Choose Letsignit

1. Letsignit makes it incredibly easy to create, manage and deploy email signatures to all employees. This is thanks to synchronisation with your directory whether that’s Azure AD, Azure Local or Google Workspace. All users’ information is automatically and securely pre-filled.

2. Protect and strengthen your brand image. Inconsistencies and mistakes in email signatures are long gone and every employee benefits from on-brand signatures. Your business will soon have true ambassadors with on-brand, standardised templates.

3. Increase business opportunities using your email signatures. A non-intrusive, cost-effective way to broadcast campaigns. Whether it’s special offers, e-books or news, the possibilities are endless! You can then rack your performance to improve messaging.

The Benefits of Using Letsignit

Harmonise Your Communications

Letsignit automatically detects your brands dominant colours and create templates.

Easy To Use Editor

Letsignit features a simple, very easy to use drag & drop editor.

Distribute Targeted Campaigns

For Example a summer sale appearing on your sales representatives signatures.


Measure email signature ROI by collecting clicks.

Automatic Synchronisation

Automatically sync with your directory (Azure AD, Azure Local, Google Workspace).


Prevent Erroneous Emails

Preview email signatures before sending.

Choose The Best Package For You

Letsignit is available in two different plans, Letsignit Starter and Letsignit Business.

Letsignit Starter

  • Free up to 500 seats!
  • Create signatures with ready-to-use templates.
  • Push signatures in desktop, webmail and mobile.
  • Automatic synchronisation with Office 365 directory.
  • Import user groups from Office 365 directory.
  • Easy deployment in 3 clicks.
  • 100% compatible with Outlook & Office 365.

Letsignit Business

All features of Letsignit Starter, plus:

  • Insert marketing banners and create your own signatures.
  • Performance statistics
  • Apply multiple signatures and campaigns for a specific purpose.
  • Use automatic signatures for reply and forwarding.

Reach out today and discover just how greatly Letsignit can benefit your business!