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Your Best Defence Against Cyber Threats

Bulletproof’s cyber security services will keep you ahead of the hackers, help you take control of your infrastructure and protect your data.

Bulletproof is a trusted provider of innovative cybersecurity products and people-centric services. We help simplify and solve the cyber security challenges for organisations across all industry sectors to protect their brand, value and assets against today’s evolving threat landscape. Organisations of all sizes rely on our security services to protect, detect and respond to cyber threats.

What Makes Us Bulletproof?

Security Is In Our DNA

Bulletproof’s dedicated security specialists have years of experience and in-depth knowledge across all fields of cyber security. We use cutting-edge technology to lead the industry and provide our clients with maximum security.

Bulletproof’s staff are:

  • CREST approved
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP)
  • Certified Information Security Managers (CISM)
  • Tigerscheme Qualified Security Test Members (QSTM)
  • Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP)
  • Certified EU GDPR Practitioners
  • Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH)
  • ISO 27001 Implementers
  • CCNA and CCNP Security certified

24/7 Cyber Command Centre

Key to our success is our in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC). This is a 24/7 facility, staffed round-the-clock by cyber security professionals. Our SOC acts as a command station for all our cyber operations, with teams dedicated to their individual disciplines, including penetration testers, strategy and compliance consultants, and our S.W.A.T. Defence security analysts.

Employees are the lifeblood of a company, and we are no exception. We’re proud to say our staff are trained, experienced information security professionals who are certified by independent industry bodies.

Bulletproof SpecialOps

Bulletproof SpecialOps is the home of our research and intelligence division. It’s a unique development lab, staffed by an elite team and drives continuous innovation and improvement across our entire product suite. For Bulletproof S.W.A.T. Defence, this means we’re always able to detect and counter the latest cyber threats.

Penetration Testing

Bulletproof are experts in cyber security and our innovative services offer your business the best defence against threats.

Choosing Bulletproof as your penetration testing partner guarantees:

  • Reliable Expertise
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Customer Portal For Test Tracking And Reports
  • Clear, Comprehensive Reporting
  • Competitive Costs

What Tests Do Bulletproof Provide?

Web Application

Uncovers vulnerabilities and insecure functionality, including authenticated and API testing.

Network & Infrastructure

External or internal testing of infrastructure including services, patch levels and configurations.

Mobile Application

Secure your software development cycle and discover insecure app functionality.

Social Engineering Prevention Services

Maximise your employee’s security vigilance by simulating a targeted attack by hackers.

Red Team Security Testing

Identify weaknesses in physical and cyber security defences with a simulation of a real-world attack

S.W.A.T. Defence

Bulletproof’s S.W.A.T. Defence combines a managed SIEM service with active threat hunting and machine learning to keep your staff, applications, systems and network secure 24/7.

S.W.A.T. Defence is a multi-layered threat protection suite, managed by experienced security analysts. It delivers comprehensive cyber threat protection through its powerful security features, including:

24-7 Protection From Skilled Analysts

24/7 Protection From Skilled Analysts

Proactive Threat Hunting

Network & Host IDS-IPS

Network & Host IDS/IPS

File Integrity Monitoring

Web Application Firewall

Flexible VA Scans

System Hardening

Supports Compliance Requirements

Ready to make your business truely Bulletproof? Contact our team today to learn about our full range of services!