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A simple, easy and smart way to set up a conference call.

Experience a simple, easy and smart way to set up a conference call. With no hidden charges, unlimited calls, and a feature-rich platform which enables one-tap click to join on a smartphone all for one monthly fee, Conference Call by Meetupcall is one of the easiest and best ways to arrange, join and manage meetings in or out of the office.

There’s no software to install as each conference call can be managed in real-time on the dashboard from any device. Plus, you’ll get meetings in crystal clear HD audio and can enable the system to dial-out to attendees, meaning you’ll never have to memorise link and pin codes ever again.

Making the dream of flexible working a reality

Conference call comes equipped with a range of innovative features to make the dream of flexible working become a reality. With family commitments, doctors’ appointments and other activities that prove difficult to obtain alongside a 9-5 job, the ability to manage your meetings at the touch of a button allows you the freedom and flexibility you need. Create, join and organise meetings whenever, wherever.

Some of the Features and Benefits

Save time and money with call me, the conference call feature that calls you and your attendees just as the meeting is about to start, rather than waiting for people to turn up. We just need your phone number and those of your attendees. Waiting for latecomers can be time-consuming. In fact, on average, people hang around for 11 minutes waiting for other attendees to show up. We call all your attendees at the meeting start time, so calls can start promptly.

Never miss an important point in a call again with the conference call service that takes note of every word. With conference call recordings enabled, you can record conversations to play back at a later date, share with relevant people who were unable to attend the call, or take notes in your own time – making meetings more productive and ensuring there’s a record of all important actions.

Gone are the days of rummaging around searching for leader PINs, phone numbers and conference room IDs in order to join a call. With the handy one tap dial-in feature, all you do is touch the ‘one tap smartphone join’ button and you’re on the call. Not only does this feature save you the time it takes scrambling around hunting for call details, but it also reduces time spent waiting for latecomers to do the same. Minimal effort access means more productive and cost-effective conference calls.

With the Easy Invite feature, you can take it easy knowing that scheduling a conference call is quick and simple. Easy Invite allows you to set up a conference call in seconds straight from a calendar invite, without the need for software downloads. To ensure everyone attends the call on time, this feature will send a reminder email 15 minutes before, or even better, will call all attendees prior to the call starting.

With the level of technology used throughout businesses today, SMBs now require more than an audio conference call. The screenshare feature allows everyone on a call to share their screens with one simple click. Whether that be demonstrating a service, showcasing a product or discussing a document that is too large to send via email – the screenshare feature is making conference calls more productive than ever before.

Designed to filter out distracting noises and deliver high quality sound every time, the HD call quality feature ensures you never mishear anyone on a conference call again. This innovative software uses volume normalisation technology to keep sound levels constant, so calls are not full of erratic volume changes. Plus, this feature includes a background noise filtering facility, which allows your customers to successfully hold a call without any annoying disruptions.

With the innovative dashboard, you can take control of attendees. Plus, if you’re leading the call you can mute conference calls. You can view calls in real-time, view or remove attendees if required.

Security and compliance at the forefront

Meetupcall has taken necessary steps to ensure Conference Call is a GDPR-compliant solution. All data is stored in an EU-based ISO certified data centre to help you comply with legislation and enable you to respond to data deletion requests promptly.

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