IT Support

By phone, messenger, email or logging into our Help Desk portal, your team can get friendly and approachable IT Support, wherever and whenever they need it.

There are various reasons as to why your business may be looking for IT Support, this is very normal, and No Fuss IT can support you every step of the way.

Some of the reasons for looking into an external IT provider could be:

Your business may have no dedicated IT team
Your business may want additional support for your IT team by an IT provider
Your business may want to change their IT provider
Your business may want to fully outsource its IT team to save staffing costs

Our IT support team are on hand to deliver support to your business whenever you need us. We typically manage support via telephone, email, through live chat or on the support portal.

All of our tickets are logged for your team and prioritised based on the severity of the incident, our team will work with your business to identify the key areas which are critical to you, because we believe that each business works differently.

Through our support tools we proactively monitor your systems so we can see issues before they become an incident and can often prevent a problem occurring and stop the dreaded IT downtime.

Our aim whilst providing support to your team is that we work with you, not for you, so we actively get to know your team, our friendly approach makes contacting your IT team no fuss at all and in some cases you just ring us up for a chat on a Friday afternoon.

Our remote support is unlimited, and we base our support model on a per user basis, this is the amount of named people that use IT within your business so you have a fixed cost for simplistic billing.

Device Support
We’re device agnostic, we love Windows and Microsoft, but we are also Apple Fans and have Apple Macs, we have found over the years that many IT support providers don’t necessarily like supporting Mac OS in a business environment, but don’t worry, we have the expertise to ensure you’re supported.

Pro-Active Monitoring
We proactively monitor and report on your systems to make sure vital things such as Windows Updates, application issues, and system performance is identified to us before they become an incident for you, we can often prevent a problem occurring and stop inevitable downtime.

Service Level Agreements
As we understand that each business is different, we work with your business to identify the ‘mission critical’ systems that you have in place, and we tailor the service level agreement around you giving you peace of mind and to ensure that we remain accountable.