From Floods to the Coronavirus, is your business able to support working from home with your current tech and IT systems?

05Mar, 2020

Working from home has always been a thing, some companies offer it on a regular basis and others just offer it on snow days, however with things happening such as the coronavirus, is it time to review your working from home policy?

When it comes to working from home, the key element of this is whether your team have the right IT equipment to do their job just as if they were in the office.

So, what would they need?

  • An internet connection
  • A telephone to receive and make calls on
  • A laptop or tablet device
  • A way of connecting to the office network

If your team use their own devices then there is a chance that there could be security issues, for example, data security could be compromised if the laptop is also used by other family members, does it have anti-virus installed, are passwords secure?

We can provide your business with a range of solutions which also double up as your DR (disaster recovery) solution. We can provide:

  • Internet connections and broadband
  • Telephony systems with softphones / devices
  • Desktop PCs / Laptops / Tablets
  • VPN and virtual remote desktops
  • Antivirus and security encryption
  • IT support and managed services

Have a chat with our team today for an initial discussion on the range of services we can provide you to help support and grow your business. Come rain, snow, floods and pandemics, we’ll have your IT covered.

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