Connect with people online using Microsoft Teams

07Apr, 2020

Already a Microsoft Teams user? then great! with Teams, you can host online meetings with people both inside and outside of your organisation.

The next time you schedule a meeting in either Teams or Microsoft Outlook, simply include the email address of your external guests and Teams will take care of the rest.

Including sending an email invitation complete with instructions on how to join your online meeting. Your meeting guests can click on the link, enter their name, and join the meeting from their browser, all without having to install a plug-in or download the Teams client.

I’ve heard that people can hi-jack conference calls as you can with Zoom, is this the case with Microsoft Teams?

With Microsoft Teams you can stay in complete control of your meetings.

Teams provides the meeting organiser with many options when it comes to defining the roles and permissions for online meeting participants.

For example, you can choose to enable a meeting lobby, which lets the organizer define when and who is admitted into the meeting. You can also designate who can present, mute attendees, and start/stop recordings, just to name a few.

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