Best BackupFor Small Business

Powerful, reliable and affordable backup managed by No Fuss IT and powered by Veeam.

Let No Fuss IT cure your data protection headache using Veeam‑powered solutions

Operating a small business can be overwhelming. You’re managing your own IT with limited time, smaller budgets and fewer resources. Engaging a trusted partner with a managed service to protect your data can save you valuable time and money. By letting No Fuss IT worry about protecting your data, you can focus on driving your business forward and rest easy knowing ALL your data is protected, no matter where it resides.

Modern Data Protection for modern business challenges

Powerful solutions

No Fuss IT builds our data protection services upon Veeam®’s industry leading technology, eliminating the risk of data loss and downtime. Veeam brings more than a decade of data protection, leadership and innovation, eliminating the biggest backup challenges.

Fully managed services

With No Fuss IT, you can trust that your data is protected and focus on what truly matters: growing your business.


Specially packaged pricing for small businesses with built‑in license portability that can evolve with you and your business. A quick and achievable ROI — just what a small business needs.

A powerful platform to fuel your growth

No Fuss IT can make your job easier, wherever you are on your journey.

Improve data security and compliance

Accelerate to a multi‑cloud, hybrid‑cloud strategy

Modernize your backups

Protect your data and eliminate ransomware threats

Your data is not only vital to your growth, but also to your reputation. Without trustworthy security protection, it’s difficult to detect, contain and recover from security threats and cyberattacks. The good news is, No Fuss IT has your back. Veeam’s built‑in intelligent security and compliance capabilities allow No Fuss IT to act fast and reduce data loss. No Fuss IT helps your organization stay ahead of the curve with:

Security assessments

Assess the application security, compliance and privacy that’s needed to adhere to strict backup guidelines

Compliance adherence

Ensure compliance adherence for GDPR, CCPA and more when restoring data.

Ransomware protection

Prevent, detect and restore from ransomware attacks with intuitive features, including immutable storage options.

Accelerate your multi‑cloud strategy

No Fuss IT can help you quickly identify and confidently adopt the right platform for the job, whether it be a hyperscale public cloud, such as AWS or Azure, or a service provider‑hosted cloud. Rushing cloud adoption can leave sensitive data exposed, even when you assumed it was fully protected — having a trusted partner to guide you through the process is critical. No Fuss IT utilizes Veeam’s on‑premises and integrated cloud‑native solutions to provide:

Multi‑cloud protection

Protection and portability of workloads and data across any cloud, virtual or physical platform.

Cloud storage

Utilization of affordable cloud storage with guidance on how to best store and archive small business data.

License transferability

Transferability of your backup licenses as your environment grows and changes.

Modernize your backup and grow your small business

Your valuable resources shouldn’t be tied up with outdated backup processes instead of being focused on activities that add value. By partnering with No Fuss IT, you can focus on strategic initiatives knowing your data is protected. Using Veeam’s reliable solutions, No Fuss IT provides:

Intuitive backup, instant recovery

Backup any data in any location and instantly recover with built‑in application‑aware protection.

Automated backup testing

Ensure backup testing with 100% verified recovery of small business data.

Put your backup data to work

Achieve faster application deployment, mitigate risk by testing new upgrades and patches before rolling them out and gain true flexibility for DevOps and DevTest.

Small business backup, delivered by No Fuss IT and powered by

Veeam Cloud Connect

Leverage the power of the cloud: easily send your backups and replicas to No Fuss IT’s off‑site repository without the cost and complexity of a second infrastructure.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365

Eliminate the risk of losing access and control over your Microsoft 365 data including Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Teams.

BaaS & DRaaS

Address all your data protection concerns, from data center and endpoints to the cloud, with a hyper‑focus on your service level agreements and a deep industry expertise.