The ultimate Microsoft 365 security package for business.

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Discover the best-in-class triple package, bringing together Microsoft 365, Windows 10 Pro Security and the best of Enterprise + Mobility, Microsoft 365 helps you to build a successful business by giving you the productivity tools you need, anytime and anywhere.

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Support your GDPR compliance

Your data compliance starts at the front door with Microsoft 365. Designed as a complete security and compliance solution for businesses, it contains features such as Windows Information Protection, Microsoft 365 Data Loss Prevention and Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection to identify, monitor and automatically protect sensitive information from internal and external threats. Spend less time worrying about software compliance and allow for more time to focus on what matters.


Choose a package that suits your business best

Microsoft 365 comes in a range of packages for the Business and Enterprise models. If you want access to everything on a smaller scale, Microsoft 365 Business Premium gives you ample protection across Windows 10 Pro and EM+S. On the other hand, Microsoft 365 Enterprise gives you access to tighter security controls, policies and analytics for greater corporate data protection.


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