Telephony Solutions

Make and receive high-quality audio calls whatever your location, whatever your connection.

Innovative systems and technologies offer reliable, real-time sound clarity and richness. So whether you’re looking for a small business phone system or large enterprise system, you’ll find that we provide call quality you can rely on while using only a tiny fraction of your internet bandwidth.

With call quality surpassing those experienced via PSTN (public switched telephone network) landlines, you’ll wonder how you ever did without our business phone system.


Here are just some of the reasons why you need our phone system:

  • Unparalleled clarity and quality for calls made via our cloud-based VoIP phone system.
  • Smart technology you can trust, delivers your audio in real-time with no lag, using a fraction of your bandwidth.
  • Make HD calls from any device, whether in the office, home or even travelling across the world.


VoIP or “Voice over Internet Protocol” is a technology that uses the Internet to make telephone calls, instead of traditional analogue phone lines. That basically means if you have WiFi or a good quality 3/4G connection you can make and receive calls using data. Its a modern way of making a phone call if you like and the quality is far superior to your regular analogue phone line, although most people can’t tell the difference.

A lot of people stereotype VoIP with consumer type VoIP services; there is no comparison. We operate our own carrier grade network that delivers calls to you, using business quality HD VoIP technology. The call quality is the best available from old and new technology.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and it’s the protocol that allows VoIP calls to be made and received over a data connection. SIP communicates using ports 5060 & 5061 on the Internet.

The exact specification for the core of SIP can be found on the Internet Engineering Taskforce’s website and the latest thinking and workings on it can be found on the Working Groups page.

SIP can’t make a VoIP call work on its own. SIP just takes care of introducing and closing the phone call so to speak. It does that through two stages:

1) A SIP registration to our platform so we know you are connected to us and ready to make and receive calls

2) A SIP Invite conversation when you actually make and/or receive a call

These steps in each case take place in milliseconds.

You’ll find VoIP is a lot cheaper than most ISDN providers, as there will be no line rental needed as it’s purely over the internet. You’ll also find that call packages and additional services – such as landline and mobile packages, call forwarding and additional voicemail – will decrease your bill dramatically on VoIP compared to standard phone lines! Be sure to check with your current phone bill how much VoIP can save you!

It depends on your internet connection, you’ll need at least 80kbs of upload and download speed per concurrent phone call. For example, with an upload speed of 11MBs, you’ll can potentially make around 137 concurrent calls.

We give you a huge range of features and phone numbers, all included within a low monthly cost. Our state of the art VoIP platform provides crystal clear calls using only a fraction of internet bandwidth and the call quality is often even better than traditional ISDN landlines.