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There are many advantages of moving your business to the Cloud, it’s great and usually has lots of pros such as getting more for your money, ability to scale your IT provision up and down on company growth, not having to worry about the hardware on-site and there’s lots more.

However, this usually comes at a hefty price when you start adding everything up, and we’ve seen businesses bring their data and services back in-house because of this overhead cost.

Our Hosted Services stop this from happening; we provide hosted services and remote desktop services tailored for SMB at a reasonable cost and value for money.

Our primary objective is to understand your requirements as a business and to provide practical solutions and technologies that suit your budget and scalability, and we do this by investing time to play with and develop our skills with new technologies.

Hosted Servers

If your physical servers are end-of-life or you need new servers why not move to.

Hosted Desktop

Provide your team with virtual desktops in the cloud that are highly scalable, available on.

Storage and Backup

Storage is key in any business, do you have enough storage, is your data backed.


Office 365 provides value for money email hosting services, online storage, sharepoint services and more.

Telephony Solutions

Shrink your call costs with our state-of-the-art hosted VoIP service and feature-rich Cloud PBX. Our.

Website Hosting

Whether you want to host a small business website similar to ours, or you want.