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Laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers, and virtual environments – just some of the things we all use in our day to day jobs and are vital to keeping your business running. So why wouldn’t we protect them if they’re so important?

Endpoint protection/security means cybersecurity services for network endpoints, like laptops, etc. These services include antivirus and antimalware, web filtering and more. Endpoint protection helps you keep critical systems, intellectual property, customer data, employees and guests safe from ransomware, phishing, malware and other cyberattacks.

Webroot delivers real-time protection and prevents malware, viruses and ransomware infections from taking root, securing your devices wherever you connect. Its DNS protection automatically blocks inbound threats for endpoints and networks, as well as cloud-based threat intelligence services – giving you 360° security, by covering you and your devices.

6 Ways - Moving to a Cloud Server could benefit your business

On-site hardware requires you to invest a large amount of money upfront to pay for a physical server, cooling and maintenance costs. With a Cloud Server, you can easily spread the investment costs, moving your capital expenses to operating expenses

Replacing servers that have reached their end of support lifecycle can be a costly investment every 3-5 years. Opting for a Cloud Server means you’ll get continuous updates, patches and maintenance with no need to replace aging hardware.

If the worst happens and your business falls victim to a cyber-attack, with on-site hardware it can take several hours or days to get your data back, depending on how it’s replicated and backed up. With a Cloud Server, you can easily restore data from the latest backup taken, so your business suffers less downtime.

All you need is an internet connection and a way to connect to your business network using a virtual private network (VPN) to work from any location. Working on the go has never been easier.

Protecting your on-site servers from severe risks like fires and floods, or ensuring they meet UK data protection standards and compliance models is a tough ask for smaller businesses. Since data is hosted in Azure with Cloud Server, Microsoft take care of this for you, giving you peace of mind.

A breakdown of on-site hardware could cost you more in the long run, plus using Azure direct can result in unpredictable costs every month. A fixed cost Cloud Server can settle those doubts and enable you to scale without breaking the bank.

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