Off-site Backups

Go Back in Time with our Off-site Backups

No Fuss IT provides Managed Hosted Backups on our secure in-house solution, we understand that data is the centre of any business and that it always must be available, we know this is important because we also, need our data secure and backed up at an affordable price.

We also know that mistakes or incidents happen, such as files being deleted or systems get corrupted, so we work with you on making sure that you have a bulletproof backup plan in place.

We keep your daily, weekly, and monthly backups with all your data, within our encrypted Backup and DR system so that if the worst were to happen, you are protected.

We work with a large number of small and medium sized business and we love to see growth within businesses, so when it reaches a point that you need additional storage, don’t worry, we can expand your backup storage space on demand.

Desktops and Laptops

We install a backup agent that will keep a full copy of your entire machine with versioning control, so if you delete an important file, or your machine stops working, we have a copy of all your important data that can be restored quickly and easily, either by yourself, or our support team. As long as your device can access the internet, your files will be backed up, and if you’re not on the internet, they’ll back up when you re-connect.

Servers and Storage

We install a backup agent that will keep a full copy of your entire machine, this will be done on a full backup and incremental backup basis, alternatively, we can create a site-to-site connection and you can access the backup storage like any other shared folder on your company network so that you can continue to use your current backup solution (requires SMB3 support).

Cloud Applications

We backup your Office 365 and Microsoft 365 environment as part of your companies data retention policies, emails from Outlook, files from OneDrive and documents stored in SharePoint can all be backed up on a daily basis for the peace of mind that if the cloud platform was unavailable, or data was lost, you still have a hard copy.

Monitoring and Support

Our support team receive daily emails of all backups that take place so if there are any issues with a backup our support team can resolve them, we log any issues that we see as tickets so that you are kept up to date and have the reassurance that your data is secure in our Lancashire data centre.

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