Hosted Servers

Scalable Hosted Servers

When you choose the Hosted Server platform from No Fuss IT, you will never have to worry about hardware costs, licenses or upgrades again. For a monthly fee we host, maintain, support, and ensure that the backbone of your business takes you further than ever before.

Every business, even ours has important data and software, and these often need a secure and accessible route for staff to access them from multiple locations.


Many staff have turned to this solution during the COVID-19 pandemic as they can access applications and desktops from both corporate and personal devices at home and in the office so staff can work remotely from home whilst still having a secure connection.

Businesses have also approached our team during the COVID-19 pandemic as servers require maintenance and regular support that they have not been able to do internally, nor has their existing hardware been able to support remote working.

The team at No Fuss IT look after all the monthly Windows Updates and hardware upgrades and do them behind the scenes, without affecting your business and your staff, and any essential maintenance is done outside of your core business hours.


Different uses of our Hosted Servers from existing customers include;

  • Off-site Active Directory Domain Controller (ADDC)
  • File server storage in an off-site location
  • Full off-site company server and users connect via a VPN
  • Hosted Server connected via site-to-site VPN and is treated as an ‘internal’ server
  • And more…


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