Hosted Desktop

All-in-one Hosted Desktop Solutions

No Fuss IT works with businesses to migrate their IT infrastructure from an outdated physical environment to a virtual environment that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our Hosted Desktops enable staff to use applications that would normally be restrictive to a physical computer to one that they can access from any device, whether it’s a desktop version of Photoshop, Sage, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD or an older application, we can virtualize this for you and your team.

The Hosted Desktop solution from No Fuss IT also means that we host and maintain your desktops, so there are no on-site servers or hardware required within your business. Which is great if you’re a small business or in a shared-office location.

Many staff have turned to this solution during the COVID-19 pandemic as they can access applications and desktops from both corporate and personal devices at home and in the office so staff can work remotely from home whilst still having a secure connection.

The Benefits of your new Hosted Desktop

Your Hosted Desktop is ‘always on’ which means that you can access it at any point during the day or night when you need access, and as long as you have internet access, you can remotely connect from any device, be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

We back up your Hosted Desktop each day so if you accidentally delete or amend the wrong file, don’t worry, we have you covered, our dedicated support team can recover the file for you.

Hosted Desktops are also Disaster Proof meaning that if anything happens to your office premises, all the data is stored securely on our servers in the cloud so you can send your team home and they can continue working. With our Telecoms solutions, they can also answer calls from anywhere.

Our team also maintain your Hosted Desktop, from completing regular updates, ensuring backups are completed daily and that your hosted desktops built-in firewall protection is running at its best.

Your new Hosted Desktop is also fully managed and maintained by us meaning that any issues that you may have can be resolved by our friendly support team, who also use our Hosted Desktop solution.

Our Hosted Desktop offering is also scalable to support your business, whether you have new starters that have requirements for specific applications, or leavers that will no longer require a desktop, our support team will grow or shrink your solution each month to meet your budget.

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