Author: David Murphy

10Aug, 2020

Are virtual meetings finally more effective than in-person

Nobody said it better than Bob Dylan who immortalised the saying, “the times they are a-changing”. This is something that holds true in many facets of the business world and everything around us. Today, due to the global pandemic and what appears to be people making seemingly “smarter” decisions, more businesses are looking at staying […]

04Aug, 2020

Welcome to a world of hybrid working

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, and that storm brought a sudden and rapid change in the way we do business. Remote working, once a minority practice, is now routine for millions of employees globally. After months of getting to grips with new digital technologies at home, and now faced with a mix of […]

21Jul, 2020

Build a complete remote working solution with Microsoft

Returning to the office probably feels great for many temporary home workers who believe that their office desk set-up can’t be replicated. Getting back to the full office set-up is perfect for the right now, but we are facing uncertain times and contingency plans are necessary. It is now more important than ever to have […]

10Jul, 2020

2020 is on Track to Hit a New Data Breach Record

We’re just halfway through the year, and 2020 is on track to set a new data breach record. The new year started off on the wrong foot, with the coronavirus wreaking havoc across the world, creating the perfect storm for cybercrime to flourish. From healthcare institutions, tech, software, social media and meal delivery companies, cybercriminals have targeted […]

10Jul, 2020

The phone system that follows you anywhere

The working world as we know it has changed. Few employees now work full-time at an office desk, instead operating more flexibly; from home or on the go. For businesses whose employees are splitting their time between office and remote working, the need for a more flexible communication system has arisen. Microsoft 365 Business Voice […]

08Jul, 2020

What’s your plan for flexible working?

As the world reopens, it becomes apparent that many businesses are reluctant to revert fully to pre-COVID operations. Flexible working is being widely adopted for the longer term, despite governments encouraging a return to the office. Social distancing has been reduced to 1 metre, infection rates have fallen, and a second wave is yet to […]

07Jul, 2020

One in Every 142 Passwords is ‘123456’, New Research Shows

“123456” is the most widely used password on breached accounts, according to a recent password re-use study c by computer engineering students at Cyprus University. Last month, student Ata Hakçıl analyzed more than 1 billion username and password combinations that were leaked online from various corporate data breaches, revealing some alarming results: • 1 billion […]

06Jul, 2020

How to prevent bad habits when returning to the office

Returning to the office again after a few months of home working is probably giving millions of workers a sense of relief and nervousness. Roughly 44% of working adults have had to turn their living spaces into makeshift offices; this demonstrates just how impactful the COVID-19 pandemic has been on businesses of all kinds. That […]