Author: David Murphy

06Feb, 2021

Microsoft Edge Legacy support to end on March 9, 2021

The Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop application support from Microsoft will end on March 9, 2021. After support ends, Microsoft Edge Legacy will not receive new security updates. With March 9, 2021 only a month away, we strongly recommend that you build a transition plan to ensure that you have an up-to-date browser. *NEW* To replace this […]

20Nov, 2020

Protect your Server to Microsoft 365 Backups, including Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive with Acronis

As we continue to adapt to hybrid working from the office and home, ensuring data protection and data security crawls further and further up the priority list for IT departments, managed service providers and company directors. Your most important business asset is data. After all, without customer information, order details or product data, you will […]

12Sep, 2020

Companies Should Tell Workers It’s OK to Confess to Security Mistakes, Stanford Professor Says

88% of data breaches are caused by human error Employees between the ages of 18 and 30 are five times more likely to admit to errors that compromised cybersecurity IT reps can leverage integrated Risk Management and Analytics to address misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, including human-triggered ones A new study indicates that nine in 10 data […]

28Aug, 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic Drives Sharp Uptick in Misinformation, Fake Domains

Half of cybersecurity professionals regard misinformation as a major threat to the enterprise 46% of organizations plan to improve their ability to react to misinformation and fake domains Erosion of trust caused by misinformation poses ethical, social and technological challenges to organizations 91% of IT security pros want the government to impose stricter measures to […]

25Aug, 2020

Future Proofing Your Workforce

Identity security is transforming the way we work This Article was first published as a commercial feature on and was created by BBC StoryWorks, BBC Global News’s commercial content division, on behalf of Ping Identity. Richard Bird, the Chief Customer Information Officer at Ping Identity, has been busy. Since stay-at-home orders relegated entire global […]

18Aug, 2020

How to get more from your Microsoft solutions

We all know Microsoft offers a range of impressive cloud-based services; Microsoft 365 is a sterling example. The main roadblock to successfully utilising these services is that so many employees within a business are unaware of the best features and how to unlock them. Being able to make full use of the Microsoft 365 suite […]

14Aug, 2020

Using OneDrive to collaborate across work and home

Getting work done and storing files safely is important to all of us. From work life, to home activities, we all need the right tool for the job.  That’s where OneDrive from Microsoft comes in. OneDrive is a cloud-based collaborative platform that can be used on both an enterprise scale, as well as for personal […]

11Aug, 2020

Phishing Campaign Uses Internal Email to Trick Employees into Sharing Office 365 Credentials

A campaign targeting Office 365 customers used a compromised internal email for phishing messages, giving much more credence to an email that people would otherwise dismiss immediately. Phishing emails are a fact of life. Most are caught by corporate security nets and even by commonly used email services. They are also easier to spot, especially […]

10Aug, 2020

Are virtual meetings finally more effective than in-person

Nobody said it better than Bob Dylan who immortalised the saying, “the times they are a-changing”. This is something that holds true in many facets of the business world and everything around us. Today, due to the global pandemic and what appears to be people making seemingly “smarter” decisions, more businesses are looking at staying […]