Author: David Murphy

03May, 2021

Remote working fatigue and how to reduce and manage it

Before March 2020, many of us viewed working from home as something reserved for cutting-edge tech companies, or a ‘treat’ bestowed upon us all too infrequently. We imagined a life free from the daily commute, office politics and eating lunch at our desks, and it sounded perfect. Then COVID-19 arrived and, virtually overnight, our imaginings […]

26Apr, 2021

How do you protect against phishing attacks?

Phishing attempts are so common now that you’d be hard pressed to find an internet user who hasn’t seen one. According to the government’s cyber breaches survey, 86% of businesses experienced a phishing attack in 2020, a rise of 14% since 2017. This growth has only sped up since the start of the pandemic. HMRC […]

22Apr, 2021

Is everything in the cloud automatically protected?

According to the Cloud Industry Forum, 88% of businesses in the UK are actively using cloud services, and that figure was based on activity pre-pandemic. With COVID-19 still forcing thousands of businesses to operate either remotely or with flexibility, it’s highly probable that the number of those relying on the cloud is already even greater […]

15Apr, 2021

Your guide to a successful cloud migration

The cloud provides businesses with the opportunity to improve operations, agility, security, cost efficiency and flexibility. It is important, however, to remember that unless you can successfully migrate to the cloud and then leverage the benefits, the opportunity may remain untapped. A cloud migration that is performed inefficiently or incorrectly won’t net the return on […]

12Apr, 2021

Top cloud challenges for healthcare businesses

With lives and patient wellbeing potentially on the line, the healthcare industry has typically been cautious about new technology. Since the start of the Covid-19, pandemic, however, global healthcare providers have shown that they are more than ready to innovate quickly. According to a recent Trend Micro report, 88% of global healthcare organisations and supported […]

08Apr, 2021

The importance of call recording for key industries

When you think of call recording, you might think of a robot telling you that everything you say will be saved for later use. For some, it’s an annoyance, but most likely don’t think twice. For those employees working in call centres, financial, or legal services, however, you’ll know that call recording is a vital […]

01Apr, 2021

5 lessons to be learned from 2020 security breaches

It’s an undoubted fact that the global pandemic of 2020/21 will leave businesses operating in a vastly different landscape to just twelve months ago, with many making considerable alterations to the way in which they function. One such adjustment will be the urgent need for greater vigilance when it comes to cyberthreats; something that affects […]